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Thread: I love it here already!

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    I love it here already!

    Hello there!

    I've introduced myself earlier but had to say something again. The moderators on this forum are great and attentive! A little about me. I'm 25 and engage to the most wonderful man(25 also) and I want to give him the most precious gift he'll ever get. I've been trying awhile now but nothing yet nevertheless I haven't given up. I hope to learn about the world of bubs and nappies Have a wonderful day everyone!

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    We are so glad you are enjoying the forum. Thank you for sharing some more details about you and your fiance - congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    It is normal for it to take up to 12 months to conceive, in fact, the average time for a couple to conceive is 6 months. Do you have sex regularly? When you are trying to conceive it is recommended to have sex at least every other day. There are actually only around 3 days in each month when you are in your 'fertile period' and can conceive.

    Please could I ask if your periods are regular?

    You should start taking folic acid when trying for a baby. Keeping stress to a minimum can help you to conceive quicker, as can eating a healthy balanced diet.

    I look forward to getting to know you more on here.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi LJ

    Thanks for the wonderful words, I appreciate it. We do have sex regularly, about 3 times a week. I never knew that it was only 3 days in each month! I was just expecting to get pregnant whenever, thanks for clearing that up. My period comes regular, I've never had a problem with that. I recently started eating better and developed a simple workout regime. I was thinking about taking some sort of vitamins but had too much to choose from, so thanks for the suggestion I'm getting me some Folic acid tomorrow!

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes you should take at least 500 micrograms of folic acid each day when you are trying to conceive.

    There is an excellent previous thread by one of our moderators Kate on how to tell when you are in your fertile period. I would advise you to try having sex every day when you are in your fertile period. Kate writes that this is when:

    'The day before and the day of ovulation, your cervical mucus will be clear and wet and it will have the consistency of egg white. You will be able to pick it up and stretch it between your thumb and fore finger and it may not break even if you stretch it 6 inches. This is when you are at your peak of fertility and sex at this time gives you the best chance of conception.'

    Each month, the egg you release only survives for between 12-24 hours. You need to have had sex before this happens for you to have a chance of pregnancy. You could also use an ovulation predictor test to help you find out when you ovulate each month. Sperm only live for between 1 and 3 days.

    That is good news that you have regular cycles. Also, well done on eating more healthily and your workout regime

    There are some more ideas for preconception care here. You should drink plenty of water when you are trying to conceive and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello HopeToBeMum2013,

    Two other helpful supplement that aids in balancing hormones and increases odds of conception is Cod Liver Oil and Organic Barley Grass. You will want to be sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids, and dark leafy greens (barley grass powder helps with this) in your diet.

    Warm Regards,


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