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Thread: fact or not: fathers could experience pregnancy symptoms?

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    fact or not: fathers could experience pregnancy symptoms?

    Is it true that fathers could experience or share some pregnancy symptoms with the mothers in the first trimester like morning sickness? I find it unbelievable but a few claimed that there are. I'm not sure if it is just some beliefs.

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    This is another interesting question that you post.

    In general, dads do not experience the pregnancy symptoms. However, there is a rare syndrome called Couvade Syndrome where the dad experiences pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness and even weight gain. It is colloquially known as 'Sympathetic Pregnancy Syndrome' and dads suffering with this can help to relieve their morning sickness using the same natural remedies as their partners (for example, by eating ginger products, wearing travel sickness bands, getting rest, eating little and often etc).


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