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Thread: Is it normal to see red mucus like thing from my baby's poop?

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    Is it normal to see red mucus like thing from my baby's poop?

    I am a new mom with my 16days old baby and doesn't know anything with babies. Is it normal to see red mucus like thing from my baby's poop? Cause I'm worried that it may not be normal. thanks

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    Hi chymeer13,

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl.

    It is best to get your baby checked by a doctor if you see anything that could be blood in her poo.

    The kellymom breastfeeding website has lots of useful breastfeeding information and it also covers bloody poos in babies.

    One possible cause of blood in a baby's poo is if mum's nipples are bleeding and the baby ingests some of the blood. I know you said in another post you were having some problems with breastfeeding. Have your nipples been bleeding?

    It may just be something that quickly resolves itself, but from what you describe it would be best to get it checked by your baby's doctor as this is not something you would normally expect to see.

    Please do post back and let us know how you and your baby are.

    Thinking of you,


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    Thanks for the reply... uhm..yeah,I have problems with feeding her but it's not bleeding that's why I was wondering.

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    I'm sorry you are struggling with breastfeeding at the moment. I have answered your breastfeeding question in detail here at your other post.

    In my reply I have also talked about the possibility of your baby daughter having a 'mini period' rather than blood in her poo - but do have a read of my reply at the above link in detail. Then post back if you have any further questions or comments, but do please see your doctor if you think the blood is in the poo and the bleeding is continuing or if you have any other concerns.

    Best wishes,


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