I thought you might like a sneak peak at the logo we have developed for Sydney's first free standing birth centre. Anna and myself are working together to make this project a reality. I hope you like our logo.
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The Janeanna Birth Centre plans on welcoming Guests in 2011

Janeanna Birth Centre will provide:

  • One-to-one midwifery care
  • Specialist natural therapy practitioners
  • Pregnancy, birth and baby courses
  • Pre and postnatal exercise classes
  • Social networking and support groups
  • Early Childhood services
  • GP consultancy
  • Counseling
  • Online and in-house shop

..... catering for all needs during pregnancy, birth and beyond

Janeanna caters for the family who desires low intervention continuity of care with their chosen private midwife. We will provide a unique service to meet the growing demand for respectful woman/baby centered care during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

At Janeanna we will offer a beautifully decorated, warm, family oriented facility specifically built for birthing with all the home touches. Janeanna is a privately owned family centre.

Friends of the Birth Centre
By June this year we will be launching Friends of the Birth Centre; a volunteer committee of maternity consumers who support the birth centre with advocacy, fundraising and consumer input. We welcome your contribution.

Want to be involved?
If you have skills to offer, would like to be part of Friends of the Birth Centre or wish to enquire about being a practitioner or educator or maybe you simply want to be updated with our progress, we welcome your email.

If you'd like to make enquiries email Anna at amruss@bigpond.net.au
Blog: www.janeannabirthcentre.blogspot.com