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    What do you do when your children are bored or over-tired?

    I was just reading this article about how to survive the day with over-tired children. I think there are many great points mentioned throughout the article. I can admit to using the TV sometimes, but we also do other things, as well. My children enjoy playing with play-dough or clay, and I have heard that there are recipes to make your own, although we have not tried that yet. We also do keep toys in boxes, so we can switch them out every so often. The children enjoy playing with toys that seem like new to them, since they have not played with them in a while. Sometimes going outside and just running around helps, but I agree that sometimes it is important to have the children do something purposeful, such as playing a game or drawing with chalk.

    What do you do when your children are bored or over-tired?

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    Drawing with chalk is a big one in our house, we have huge chalkboards in the children's rooms that were made using chalkboard paint. If they happen to go a little overboard and draw on the walls, the beauty of chalk is that I just have to wipe it off with a wet rag.

    We also play with homemade clay dough outside, play with toys, and I will admit sometimes I put them all down for a movie. Of course, when they are more than just bored and genuinely crossing over into tired, I put them down for a nap or mandatory quite time (which usually ends up with them falling asleep). It is also important to make sure they aren't just hungry/acting out due to low blood sugar. So, a snack is a smart choice as well.

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    Mom2many--would you mind sharing your recipe for homemade clay dough? Also, have you found that the chalkboard paint works well? I considered buying it at one time, but I read some negative reviews, so I was not sure if it was worth it or not.

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    Great tips mom2many!

    Jessica - you have GOT to try making your own play dough sometime. That's all I've ever done (except for the occasional "play dough" gift which smells awful...

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    I go for a walk with him in the carrier - he loves looks around at new scenes and faces.

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    Hi Jessica,

    Here's my favorite clay dough recipe. You keep it in the refrigerator so it stays a bit fresher. I love it and it smells really good!


    2 1/2 cups flour
    1/2 cup salt
    2 (4 g) packages unsweetened powdered drink mix (orange and grape work best)
    2 cups boiling water
    3 tablespoons oil

    1. Combine flour, salt, powdered drink mix until blended.
    2. Carefully add oil to boiling water
    3. Add to the flour mixture and mix with spoon until cool enough to knead.
    4. Continue kneading until color is blended.
    5. Store in air tight bag or container in the refrigerator

    My boys love it, which reminds me, it's probably time that I make a new batch of it

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