I have two younger children that are not toilet trained yet. The baby is too young, and my youngest daughter does not seem interested. I was reading this article about toilet training in one day, and I think it is interesting. I have never tried using a doll that wets itself during the toilet training phase. I also agree that a lot of praise and acknowledgment is important.

We found that each of our children are very different, and what works for one may not work for another. My son trained easily and it seemed to happen in one day, but that was after I learned to back off a bit and let him decide when to go. My oldest daughter was not interested at all, and she refused to use the toilet for a long time. What finally worked for her was to use a sticker chart, which she found wonderful. She loved getting to pick out new stickers and add a cute sticker to the chart.

When did you toilet train your child(ren)? Do you have any tips for toilet training?