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Thread: Conception After Third Term Miscarraige

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    Conception After Third Term Miscarraige

    Factoring in physical and mental stability, how long is recommended to wait to try and have another child after a third term miscarriage? The urge for wanting to have another child is strong but is it healthy right now?

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    This depends very much on your individual situation. Have you asked this question of your midwife or doctor? Everyone is different. It depends on how you recover physically and emotionally. Doing some preconception care may help improve your health prior to pregnancy. It is something to consider.
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    Thank you.

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    Dear Caprice,

    Again I would like to say my thoughts at the very sad loss of your baby.

    How long ago was it that this happened?

    Warm wishes,


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    january 15 2013

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    I hope you have support of your friends and family at what must have been a very difficult year for you and your partner. I think a candle will always burn in the hearts of those who have lost a baby.

    Sands is an excellent organisation that aims to support families who have lost a baby. As Jane writes above, each individual situation is different and depends on your emotional and physical recover since losing your baby. That is a useful factsheet produced by Sands here on trying for another pregnancy after the loss of a baby.

    Do you feel you have been able to grieve for your baby? How is your general health?

    With my thoughts,


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