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    There's a time my baby always cry and looks like very irritated.I play him,I give him food,breastfeeding him and give him toys.I did everything to make him calm but nothing work.How will I control him and what should I do to manage his tantrums.
    help me please.thank you.

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    Dear dei100812,

    I replied to your other post about your 11 month old son yesterday here. I know that you said he seems to be losing weight and I would advise that you get him checked with your health visitor or doctor this week if this is the case. If your son is unwell or not putting on enough weight then this is most likely to be the cause of his crying.

    Are you still breastfeeding him on demand i.e. whenever he seems to want feeding in the day and night? At 11 months old, he can still get over 90% of his nutrients from your breastmilk but only if he is fed on demand so that you produce enough milk for him.

    Some children (my youngest son included) are happiest when they go out each day to a new environment. Even from a few months old, I made sure that I took my youngest son out somewhere each day (for a walk, to a playgroup, round a friend's house, to the park etc) so that he saw a different environment in which to stimulate him. Does your son seem happier when he is in a new environment and there is more stimulation going on around him?

    Do you wear your son in a sling? If not, it's certainly not to late to start. Babywearing is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and it helps babies and toddlers to feel safe, secure and confident. My 11 month old likes being worn on my back and watching the world go by whilst giving me a cuddle.

    How much sleep does your son get in a 24 hour period? Sleep is very important for a baby's well-being. it is the total amount of sleep in a 24 hour period which is important (rather than simply the sleep time at night). Does he have any naps in the day?

    Does he produce enough wet and dirty nappies? Does he seem in any discomfort when he is pooing?

    All of these factors that I have mentioned are important to a baby. I would not say an 11 months old baby is really having a tantrum - if they are unhappy there is a reason for it and it is most likely to be one of the factors discussed above. You also mentioned in a previous post that your son had not cut any teeth yet - I would say that it is very likely that a tooth is coming through in light of his age and the tears. Try giving him some cool cucumber sticks to chew on to ease the pain. Can you see any teeth in his gums yet?

    Warm wishes,


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