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    what nutritious food should my baby eat

    My baby love to eat.He is still breastfeeding I use to feed him cereal,mashed potato and carrots.This few days my baby looks like don't want the food I give to him,looks like tired of eating it.Do you have some nutritious food that enjoyable to it by a baby.He is 11 months old I'm worried cause he's loosing weight.
    Please help......

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    Thank you for your question.

    If your baby is losing weight then this is a sign something is wrong (even if only a temporary illness such as a stomach bug) and you should have him checked with your doctor.

    You are doing a great job breastfeeding him. At this age, he can still get over 90% of his nutritional needs met through your breastmilk (as long as you feed him on demand i.e. whenever he seems to want feeding)

    You can give him solid food alongside the breastmilk. Here is a resource of fantastic recipes from the baby led weaning site. Baby led weaning is where you allow your baby to feed himself, alongside having his breastmilk, from 6 months of age. There is actually no need for purees! It may take a week or so for your son to adapt to this if he has not had much solid food to date.

    Some excellent healthy food options for babies of this age are:
    - steamed chicken cut into approx 2-4 inch long pieces (so that your baby can grip them and still have some chicken sticking out of his fist)
    - avocado chunks; pound for pound avocado is the only food more calorific than breastmilk
    - steamed vegetable pieces
    - pitta bread with homemade hummous
    - porridge spoonfuls cooked then baked in the oven to harden
    - tomatoes, dates, strawberries, oranges, pasta......the list is endless!

    Remember throughout the second year of life breastmilk is still very important to your son. He will gradually increase his solid food intake over the second year of life. Foods such as pureed fruits can never be a substitute for breastmilk - they don't come close to its nutrients and calorie content.

    Please let me know what you think and I can make some more suggestions if you like.

    Warm wishes,

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    Teaching your child the right attitude towards food and meal times has a longstanding effect on their health and lifestyle as they grow older. Through the preparation of toddler recipes and consumption of food, your child can learn so much, including independence, customs, culture, togetherness, exploration and routine. Because of this, it’s important to start healthy habits and encourage a happy dining atmosphere from a young age.
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