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Thread: Hello Beautiful People!

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    Wink Hello Beautiful People!

    My name is Mommy Annrie. I'm a mum of two cute daughters. I also love to bake goodies like cakes, cookies and many other pastries. It's so nice to be here with other people with same interests. I hope I will learn a lot here.

    Good vibes everyone!

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    Hi Mommy Annrie and welcome to the forum! Mmmm those goodies sound delicious

    I have already been reading some of your posts on tandem nursing - it's great to have another tandem nursing mum on the forum.

    I look forward to getting to know you better on here.

    Warm wishes,


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    HI Mommy Annrie
    I'm a newbie here, I'm mommy Lariza have a cute baby boy.I also love baking cakes,breads and cookies cause my baby really love to it pastries that's why I want to learn lot of new recipes.I hope you can share me one so delicious goodies recipes for my baby.
    thank you.
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    I just wanted to share the blw (baby led weaning) recipe page here - there are loads of easy, healthy, baby-friendly recipes here. One of my favourite's is the Lentil and Carrot cake recipe.


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