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    Lightbulb Is it safe to take pills for nursing mums?

    I'm a nursing mum and I'm concerned to take birth control pills. My husband and I would like to do our family planning. My youngest is already 18 months old. Is it safe to take pills in my condition? Will it not affect my breastmilk? I'm worried that any chemical will go through my milk and it will be taken by my baby. I hope you can enlighten me.

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    Hello MommyAnnrie,

    You are correct in that the hormones in the birth control pill (even the mini pill) will go into your breastmilk. Some pills are supposed to be okay for breastfeeding but this is something you need to be at peace with.

    You may want to consider natural birth control, or natural family planning. I used this throughout my childbearing years and it was very effective.

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