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    Smile How to increase my breastmilk supply?

    Right now, I'm doing tandem nursing with my kids. So, I need to know how to increase my milk supply. There are many food supplements and nursing teas for mums in the market. But, is there any option or way that I can do successfully? Hope you can give me advice! Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Mommyannrie - The best way to increase your breastmilk supply is by increasing breast stimulation through either frequent breastfeeding or through expressing breastmilk. Herbal preparations aimed to increase breastmilk supply haven't been research extensively. There is a medication called Motilium that is prescribed by some doctors that can increase supply - this may be an option for you.
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    Hi Mommyannrie,

    I have tandem nursed my children for the last 10 months and have only recently stopped breastfeeding my older son. Like aussiewife has said above - I found that feeding my children frequently (with my 10 month old I still feed him on demand in the day and night) has maintained a good breastmilk supply for me. You can always express milk between feeds if you want to increase your milk supply further. Eating foods rich in oats can also help to increase your breastmilk supply.

    Please do reply and let us know if this helps.

    Best wishes,


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