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    Breastfeeding in Public

    It seems like this is a big topic lately, at least in my area. What are the community's thoughts on breastfeeding in public? Do you use a cover? Are there places where you won't breastfeed in public?

    For me, I breastfeed pretty much everywhere. I've used a cover from time to time, but my babe hates it so trying to use one usually ends up being a bigger spectacle than not covering. I almost always wear a nursing tank under whatever I am wearing, that seems to provide enough modesty without having baby's head covered. Personally, I am supportive of breastfeeding wherever, however you are comfortable.

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    When I first started breastfeeding I sometimes used a breastfeeding apron in public (unless I was with other breastfeeding mums). As time went on I got more confident. My baby also doesn't really like to be covered up whilst feeding now he is 12 months old. I still sometimes use specially designed breastfeeding tops if I'm going to be in a really busy place with no quiet corners! I think it's a beautiful sight to see women breastfeeding in public.

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    With my first baby I was not confident at first to breastfeed my son in public - I preferred to feed him in the baby's room in shopping centres. That was 22 years ago so there were not many decent facilities available at the time, - so on many occasions I had no choice but to feed where we were. My confidence grew as time went a long (though I was always waiting for a confrontation - which thankfully never happened). By baby number two I breastfeed where ever we were - restaurants, public transport, the park etc.

    I now see women often breastfeeding in public - which is fantastic. Breastfeeding is not something to be hidden away. Breastfeeding is becoming more acceptable - though occasionally you'll still get a media story where a breastfeeding mother was kicked out of a bus or restaurant which is sad.
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    I definitely agree that it is becoming more acceptable. I live in an extremely conservative area, but hardly anyone seems to notice when I breastfeed out in public. I have started to see more mum's nursing in public in the last few years, which I think is great. =D

    I certainly got more comfortable/confident with every child !

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    I think that mums should be able to breastfeed their babies wherever they are. I know there are still many women that are uncomfortable with breastfeeding in public and will not do it, but I do think it is important for breastfeeding to be viewed as something normal and natural. I have heard a few media stories of women being asked to leave for breastfeeding in public, but I am hopeful that it is becoming more accepted. I was a bit nervous trying to breastfeed my first in public. Now I will breastfeed anywhere my baby needs to eat, and I do not usually cover up. I do use tops that are easy to pull down or I wear layers, and I do breastfeed discretely in a baby carrier.

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