The latest statistics show that more and more women are choosing to have a homebirth in Australia. For a pregnancy which is low risk, a homebirth can be a wonderful place to give birth because

  • you give birth in your own environment where you feel most comfortable
  • no separation of mum and baby; lots of opportunity for lovely skin-to-skin contact
  • labour is more likely to be quicker and easier if you are relaxed
  • you are more likely to produce Oxytocin (the 'feel good hormone') when you are relaxed
  • you can easily create your own personal birthing space
  • women who choose a homebirth can still benefit from a waterbirth by hiring their own birthing pool
  • some women choose to have extra family members or siblings present at the birth
  • this environment can help a woman to 'go within herself' in labour and breathe through the contractions without resistance
  • you reduce the risks of picking up an infection caused by birthing in an unfamilar hospital environement

Of course, a homebirth is not for everyone - you need to be comfortable with your birthing choice. There are also cases where it is medically recommended that you give birth in hospital (including if you have had significant bleeding in pregnancy or are carrying multiples).

Our midwife Jane Palmer writes:

'Birthing at home is wonderful and sacred. The labour unfolds at it's own pace and birth occurs in it's own time with less likelihood of complications occurring.'

Are you considering a homebirth or have you had a homebirth? What attracts you to homebirthing? How do you feel it is different to giving birth in a hospital?