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    I had problems with my firs delivery. It took too long, about 11 hours, and the baby was threatened. That was a year and a half ago. Now, I am pregnant again and a little bit scared. Should I make a natural or a C-section?

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    Hi Jovana2401

    For a start 11 hours is about average so that in and of itself would not threaten your baby. That said I don't know the circumstances around your labour and birth so can't comment beyond that.

    A Cesarean is a major operation and so not recommended unless there are significant issues which woul make vaginal birth inadvisable. If you are feeling anxiety about the birth then it would be a good idea to seek some help in resolving these feelings. For something a bit faster though you could read Top 12 Fears in Labour

    Obviously one of the common fears is coping with the pain of labour. Taking a course such as Calmbirth or Hypnobirthing can help with this immensely (I've done both) as well as helping to dispel fear. I can highly recommend both.

    The following article provides an interesting perspective on the rising rate of Cesarean birth: What are your Chances of Having a Natural Birth?

    Please post back if you have any other specific fears you would like to bounce off someone!

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    Dear Jovana,

    Have you had any further thoughts about giving birth again? I am very sorry to hear that your first birth was a traumatic experience. Are you able to share more detail about what you felt was scary and traumatic during this birth?

    Many women who have experienced a traumatic birth say that it is feeling out of control which made them feel scared. This really is a tragedy. Birth should be a positive and empowering experience. This is not to say that it is easy; it can be extremely intense but it does not need to be negative.

    Have you come across the Positive Birth Movement? They can pair you up with a 'birth buddy' - another women who has had a normal, positive birthing experience who can encourage you on your journey. 'The Positive Birth Movement believes that communication is the key to shaking up birth. By coming together, in real life and online, and sharing experiences, feelings, knowledge and wisdom, women can take back childbirth.' (source: the positive birth movement)

    I feel that information is key when it comes to have a good birth experience. We need to be well-read and well-informed in order to make thought-through decisions in our births. It is also really important to think carefully about where to have your baby (hospital, birth centre or home) and who you would like to attend your birth (for example, do you want midwife-led care and who will you have as a birth partner). The statistics show that midwife-led care leads to less interventions and a more straightforward, and quicker, labour.

    Personally speaking, I really can emphasise with you. The day after the (traumatic although natural) birth of my first son I could be found searching on the internet about whether I could elect to have a c-section in the future. I knew that I wanted to have more children but I was terrified of going through birth again.

    However, I am pleased to say that I went on to have a hugely positive second birth. I hired a doula whose support and friendship I found invaluable. I took a hypnobirthing course and learnt how to relax my body and breathe through the surges (this is hypnobirthing speak for contractions). I went back to basics, believing that my body was created to birth my children and that all I needed to do was trust my body.

    I hope you take some encouragement and hope from what I have shared.

    Please do let us know what specific areas of your next birth you are worried about so that we can support you further.

    Warm wishes,
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