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    Am i allowed to have some coffee? or tea? before i got pregnant, i'm really addicted to coffee and tea. Would there be any effect to the baby?

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    Hi soontobemum

    The short answer is yes caffeine can have an effect on your baby. Caffeine is a stimulate which crosses the placenta. There is a good thread in this forum you might like to read: Caffeine During Pregnancy

    At the end of the day we know caffeine consumption can effect our health as adults so we then need to consider whether we want to similarly impact the health of a growing baby.

    I am addicted to tea and could not go a day without it. The solution is decaf. I drank decaffeinated tea while attempting to conceive, during pregnancy and the first year of breastfeeding.

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    A highly publicized 2008 study found that women who consumed 200 mg or more of caffeine a day had double the risk of miscarriage of those who took in no caffeine. However, not all studies show a link between caffeine consumption and a higher risk of miscarriage.

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    Yes I would agree that it is best to consume no more than 200 mg of caffeine when pregnant or trying to conceive and ideally just keep caffeine to a real minimum in pregnancy.

    Decaffeinated coffee can also unfortunately cause problems in pregnancy if it is chemically decaffeinated. Strictly speaking, it is best to drink coffee which is decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Filter Process. Have you tried Red Bush tea? This is naturally caffeine free.

    Remember that energy drinks and chocolate also contain caffeine so these need to be counted in the daily allowance.

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