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    When should kids start playing sports?

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    Hi Jovana2401

    Encouraging children to play sport is valuable for many reasons. It can help to maintain their physical fitness which promotes life-long health. Depending on the sport it can all teach children the basics of team-work as well as instilling sportsmanship.

    Beyond that sport can develop children's coordination (including hand eye coordination), mental acuity and focus, and gross and fine motor skills. Lastly playing a sport can develop self-esteem and self confidence as well as assisting children to develop lasting relationships and a sense of belonging.

    For all these reasons, encouraging your child to play a sport (any sport) can be a fantastic way to support their development into a well rounded adult.

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    Hi Jovana2401,

    I think it is great to encourage a healthy interest in exercise and sport from when a child is a toddler. It doesn't need to be competitive, however, young children can still learn sports such as: football skills, gym (our local baby gym classes are available from 6 months of age!), running, walking, obstacle courses, swimming etc

    How old are your children?

    Warm wishes,


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    There is not a perfect age for it. Motivate them to play.

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