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    Hi all

    I am eight months pregnant. My husband is very busy with his job, so I need help with my one year old son. I need to find a babysitter. But how? Who is the right person for that job? How to know who is the best for my son?

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    Hi Jovana,

    Having someone you trust that can help with your one year old can be a big help, especially considering that you are 8 months pregnant and expecting the arrival of another little one anytime.

    The first thing to do is to ask around, to see if any of your friends have babysitters that they have used and that they really like. If you don't have friends that use babysitters, then you could go into your church nursery and ask if any of the parents there have babysitters that they use and trust.

    If you can't find someone to give you recommendations, then it will be up to you to do your due diligence in checking the background of a sitter and trying her out before leaving her with your children.

    1. Where to find names of babysitters...
    - Local newspaper
    - (or other local babysitter service)
    - Post an ad in some local church bulletins or on a bulletin board on the wall in the youth building at church.

    Checking their background...
    Once you have some names of people, you will want to interview the sitter and find out about their background.

    - How old are they?
    - Have they had any experience working with children?
    - What age groups do they have experience with?
    - What age is their favorite?
    - How many times have they changed a diaper?
    - How many times have they fed an infant a bottle?
    - Do they know how to burp an infant?
    - Have they ever taken a CPR class?
    - Have they ever taken a First Aid class?
    - Do they know what to do if a small child and/or infant is choking?
    - Have they ever bathed a small child or an infant?
    - What do they do if a child throws a tantrum?

    It's important that the sitter have previous experience working with children.
    - Ask for the names of 3 families that the sitter has worked for. This can be paid or unpaid work, but families where the sitter has had interaction with the children on a regular basis.

    Questions for those families include:
    - How did they find the sitter?
    - When did the sitter last work for them?
    - How long have they known the sitter?
    - What ages are their children?
    - What are the sitter's strengths?
    - What are the sitter's weaknesses?
    - Would they feel confident leaving a newborn with the sitter?

    If the interview goes well, the references check out, and you have a good overall "gut feel" about the sitter, then schedule a time to observe the sitter with your children.

    This could just be for an hour or two on a Saturday morning, when your 1 year old is well rested and when you can get some things done at home while the sitter interacts with your child.

    Have the sitter feed your son breakfast, or a snack. Have her read him a story and play with him. Have her change his diaper. Basically, you want her to take complete control of the situation and care for him as if you weren't available. Obviously if she needs to know where something is, she can ask, but you want her to take initiative to feed him when he is hungry, change him when he is dirty and play with him to keep him occupied.

    If you end up hiring a young girl (age 12 or 13) to be a mother's helper, then you will need to train her. This can work out very well when you have a responsible young lady who loves children. But if you need someone you can trust to be left home alone with your children, then you'll want to follow the steps outlined above.

    Please let me know if this is helpful and if you need any further help in finding the best sitter for your family and your children.

    Warm Regards,


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