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    Semen Analysis Result

    My husband's semen analysis result shows 6% morphology, with remarks "Normozoospermia" (Based on WHO 2010 guidelines for Semen analysis). His previous result had 4% morphology,with remarks "Teratozoospermia". Is the recent result good enough for us to conceive?

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    Hi again workingforlittleme

    This is something you would want to discuss with your doctor. But keeping in mind I am not a doctor, just a good researcher, normozoospermia is the term used to describe semen which shows normal characteristics in a seminogram. Teratozoospermia is a condition characterised by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology. A normal morphology for sperm would be about 15% normozoospermia. As such you would be wanting to look to improve your husbands sperm morphology to better enable you to achieve a pregnancy.


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