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    What supplements do i need after giving birth?

    Hi, I just gave birth to my baby 16 days ago and I've been pale and feeling so weak this past few days. Do I need to take supplements after giving birth?and what should i take?

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    Hi chymeer13,

    The symptoms you describe are common in someone who needs more iron. Women are more likely to be iron deficient in pregnancy and following birth. This is particularly the case if you lost a lot of blood in labour. In light of what you describe, I would get your iron levels checked with your healthcare provider. They may then prescribe additional iron supplements. You can also eat food which is rich in iron including: chicken, cereal, tofu, lentils and raisins. You should not eat this food at the same time as drinking tea, coffee, milk or soya as these drinks actually contain a substance which can block the absorption of iron. So they should only be drank at a separate time.

    Having low iron levels puts women at an increased risk of suffering from postpartum depression as well as excessive tiredness.

    You may want to take a supplement which also contains vitamin B and vitamin D.

    It is good to eat a healthy, balanced diet when you have had a baby and try and get some exercise if you can. I think you said you were breastfeeding so it will be important to eat enough Calcium or take supplements containing Calcium.

    How are you getting on with your baby now? It is hard and tiring at first. Have things become any easier?

    Warm wishes,


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