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Thread: Helping Labour to Start Naturally

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    Helping Labour to Start Naturally

    Here on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum we often help to support mums who are 'overdue'. You may find it useful to bear in mind that your due date is an estimation based on the fact that an average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. However, we are all unique and so are our babies. Babies do not come according to schedules, calendars or average calculations! Babies come when they are ready.

    When a baby is ready to be born there are a few things you can try to 'tip you over the edge' into labour. Doing these things before a baby is really ready to come won't start labour. These are some suggestions for those who are on the verge of being in labour.

    • Talk a long walk. You could even spend time visualising the birth or thinking about meeting your baby for the first time on your walk. Exercise, and keeping active, often helps to tip someone gently into labour. Being upright and moving around can also help your baby to get into a good position for the birth.
    • Make love. This can help to release Oxytocon; that feel good hormone which is so important in labour. Nipple stimulation has been found to help to bring on contractions if your labour stalls when you are in early labour.
    • Eat a hot curry. The spicy food may help to start off those contractions.
    • Relax, switch off and take some time out. Someones a woman can be so busy preparing for her new baby, or looking after her older children, that it is not until she stops what she is doing and starts to relax and 'let go' that contractions can really get started.
    • Some women testify to the use of aromatherapy and accupuncture in helping to start their labour.

    Is there anything you did which you feel helped to tip you over into labour.

    If none of these work then relax, your baby probably just isn't quite ready to make an appearance yet and baby knows best. You will still be meeting your baby very soon.
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    Making love was probably the biggest help for me. The semen acts as a prostaglandin on the cervix, and helps it to soften and ripen, which can bring on contractions, especially if your body just needs an extra nudge to start labour.

    Something else that helped with one of my babies was acupuncture on the ankle. That started contractions with my 4th baby.

    Here's a video showing you the acupuncture/acupressure points on the leg to help start labour in women who are post date (after their due date).

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    This is interesting - thanks Kate. I know a couple of other ladies who also testify to acupuncture nudging them into labour.


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