I've just been reading this news article into some new breastfeeding research: have a look here.

Personally I found the headline of the article 'Breastfed babies are more cranky and cry more' unrepresentative of what the article then goes on to discuss. I guess they are just trying to grab the readers' attention but headlines like this can give new parents negative views about breastfeeding.

The research shows that some mums stop breastfeeding because they believe their babies are crying too much because they are not getting enough milk. Whereas (this study indicates) formula fed babies 'may appear more content, but research suggested that these infants may be over nourished and gain weight too quickly'.

What's your opinion on this research and the way it is being reported? In my experience, formula fed babies can sometimes sleep for longer periods of time than breastfed babies. I understand breast milk is gentler on a babies stomach so is digested quicker than formula milk. Therefore, the fact that a breastfed baby may wake more often than a formula fed baby and cry to be fed is not a bad thing: it is natural. I have also known mums who have stopped exclusively breastfeeding because they were worried they were not producing enough milk for their baby or concerned that their baby was not getting full. However, I don't agree with all the findings of this research (and the news article) as my experience has been that breastfed babies are more content than formula fed babies, particularly if they are fed an demand. What do you think?