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    Think I might be pregnant

    Hi I am wondering if I am pregnant...?i have been nausea but gone now for a week and was bleeding for one night and next day was brown blood stains on undies and now the bleeding is back again? Confused am I pregnant or my body playing. Ind tricks on me laughing

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    Dear Manders,

    Welcome to the forum. When is your period due and when was your last period? Are you trying for a baby?

    Pregnancy stops your normal periods, although you can also get 'implantation bleeding' or 'breakthrough bleeding' around the time your period is due. Some women do also just bleed in pregnancy and this is normal for them. However, sadly a miscarriage can also cause bleeding in pregnancy.

    Did you take a home urine pregnancy test?

    Stress, illness and certain medication can also cause nausea and changes in a woman's menstrual cycle.

    If you are still unsure as to what has caused the bleeding/ changes in your period then you should see your doctor.

    Best wishes,


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    Go too the Docs lovee or call him out , pregnant and bleeding isn't normal good luck

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