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    Ovulation cycle day 5! After anovulation, 2 months post mc

    July 20 I had a mc at 8 weeks due to xxy triploidy.
    Since then I've noticed that milk is present in my breasts and my usually clockwork cycles are strange.
    Last month despite abundant cm and a fertile cervix I didnt have any ovulation pain leading me to assume I failed to ovulate. My period arrived on time but had eased off by day 4. On day 5 I noticed a high open cervix and watery light spotting which I dismissed. By evening while out at a restaurant I was struck down with my usual crippling ovulation pain, 2 and 8 hours later we had sex in optomistic hope this cycle may still be viable. The following day my cm was egg white.
    Is there any hope this cycle and if not how can I return to my usually healthy clock work ovulation on day 13.
    Side notes, I have severe adenomyosis, as well as endometriosis and a cystic mass of endosalpingiosis caused the removal of one tube.
    8 months ago I came off treatment of two mirenas plus the pill non stop.
    I have a history of large functional cysts.

    I have been monitored for hcg as xxy triploidy may be associated with partial molar pregnancies. These tests have been negative.
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