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    Supplements to help improve sperm quality

    Our doctor prescribed Clomid for my husband to increase the morphology of his sperm. Are there other supplements that my husband can take to improve the quality of his sperm, especially the morphology of his sperm?

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    Hi Workingforlittleme

    Firstly I'm sorry to hear that your husband has sperm morphology issues. There is a thread on this forum which you might like to read: Sperm Count

    Keep in mind that an increased level of health is reflected in every biological marker, including sperm. Avoiding smoking and alcohol, eliminating toxins from his diet (and yours) and eating a nutritious and well balanced diet all count towards healthy sperm. Healthy sperm are also high in antioxidants so consuming foods which contain antioxidants makes good sense.

    An imbalance anywhere in there can create deficiencies in vital vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is important for a healthy sperm count (so important for both partners) and something that can be tricky to get enough of naturally. Taking a good quality supplement is usually the most effective option. Exercise is also important but remember that he will need to avoid a build of heat in the genital area. This means things like cycling at the gym are out.

    Interestingly research has shown that in the same way increased health affects every cell in our body, so too stress, anxiety and fear do the same. That probably seems obvious because we have certainly all heard the stories about people reducing the stress in their lives and subsequently falling pregnant after years of trying. There is a biological link between stress and cell health so maintaining good emotional and mental health is just as important as eating a healthy diet.

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    thank you Mumof2IVFmiracles for taking time to reply to my post.

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    Thanks for sharing this mumof2IVFmiracles - this sort of knowledge is really important when you are trying for a baby.


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    Preconception care is important for both mothers and fathers. For more information visit this page on preconception care.
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