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    bub bald

    My 4month old girl has so little or less hair. She looks like a boy in a pink dress. She was even mistaken for a boy by others. Is there a shampoo or something to make her hair grow? I want to clip her hair or tie a bow but theres no hair to tie.....

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    Dear Nadinne,

    I really would not be concerned about this. Many babies get mistaken for the opposite sex when they are young. I would not be tempted to do anything to physically alter her appearance (e.g. hair dying, ear piercing) etc as I believe that a person should make their own decisions about cosmetic changes to their body when they are old enough to do so. I feel this is in-line with the gentle parenting way. I would not believe the claims of any shampoo which claimed to make hair grow quicker.

    You can get head bands (also known as Alice bands) to put over a baby girls head/hair even if they do not have any hair. If it still concerns you then you could dress her in girls clothes that specifically mention girl/girlie/little lady etc on them in words.

    Personally, I have learnt to not let the opinions of others' stick. Some people will always think that girl babies look like boys and vice versa but that will not affect the way I get my children ready in the morning

    Warm wishes,

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