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    How can I help my daughter boost her self-confidence?

    My daughter seems shy. When I ask her to do something, usually academically related, she would often answer, 'I cannot do it.'

    This breaks my heart because I would like her to know that she can do anything if she tries really hard. What would be the best way to eliminate this kind of attitude and at the same time boost her self confidence?

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    Dear MumR,

    That must be upsetting for you. I think there are a number of ways you could try to help your daughter.

    Firstly, have you asked her if there is any particular reason why she often feels she 'cannot do it'? Has another adult given her this idea? I once had a poor primary school teacher who made me feel very negative about certain aspects of school until I felt I did not have the skills to succeed. It took some very gentle parenting by my parents to ease me back into the confidence I once had.

    Perhaps she has picked up this phrase and attitude from other children at school who also have low self esteem?

    Does your daughter take part in any hobbies outside of school? Doing sports (they don't need to be competitive sports) or creative classes can often give children extra confidence as well as widening their interests and increasing their natural enthusiasm for learning.

    Spend one-to-one time reading with your daughter each day and playing educational games which are still fun. Gradually tell her the wonderful qualities you see in her. Ask other family and friends to do the same. It sounds like your daughter needs to be 'built up'. Spending time around positive people will also help her with this.

    Does your daughter eat a healthy, balanced diet and do plenty of exercise? Eating well and staying healthy is important for all of us to feel good about ourselves. Try to help your daughter to avoid sugary snacks as these will result in a sugar high and then low. It is better to eat foods which release energy slowly. You could make your own oaty flapjacks (oats contain lots of slow releasing energy) and fresh fruit smoothies.

    Please do let me know how you get on with these suggestions and let me know if you need any further support with this.

    Warm wishes,


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