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    Smile Ear Piercing

    When are girls ready for ear piercing?
    Will her pediatrician give her a pain killer before the piercing actually starts and what are the things that I should do to make sure that the wound doesn't get infected?

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    Dear kcarbonell,

    Thank you for posting your question here.

    I would say that someone is ready to have their ears pierced when they can decide for themselves. Having an ear piercing is making a physical change to one's body for purely cosmetic reasons. Only the person who is having the ear piercing done should make the decision to do so because it is their body that is being changed.

    There is a previous thread here where you can read more about other forum member's views on having a young child's ears pierced.

    Ear piercing does cause some amount of pain. Yes it is short-lived but, like I say above, as this is simply to change one's looks only the person having the piercing performed should decide if they agree to this. I have not heard of any form of pain killer being given before/ after an ear piercing.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Best wishes,


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