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Thread: Fertility food???

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    Question Fertility food???

    We use to have food for the brain. Milk is good for the bones and I still recall my mum use to forced me eat squash telling me, its good for the eye sight is there really food that will make you fertile??

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    Hi Joyce,

    Have you read this article on Planning for Pregnancy: Preconception Care? I think you will find it useful. In particular, it talks about the importance of getting enough: folic acid, calcium, iron and zinc in your diet when you are planning a pregnancy. These foods will help you to have a healthy pregnancy when you conceive.

    In terms of food that help with your fertility levels themselves; the main factor seems to be eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting enough exercise (as well as keeping stress to a minimum and avoiding alcohol and smoking). Eating organic food will give you significantly more vitamins and minerals at this important time.

    You need to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables - eat a variety of these food types of as many different colours as possible. In this previous thread about fertility and food one of our moderators Kate gives this excellent piece of advice 'Think of a rainbow, and put all the colors of the rainbow in your salad. Deep green lettuce, tomatoes, blueberries, carrots, beets, etc. The more colors of fruits and vegetables you get in your salad, the larger the array of nutrients you'll be putting in your body.'

    It's also really important that you drink plenty of water and get enough protein in your diet.

    Warm wishes,


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