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    How to help your Son to quit smoking?

    Hi! I have a 16 yrs old son who is hooked to smoking cigars. For all I know he started last year, but who knows? He could have started smoking even before that. What would be the best way to stop him?

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    Dear mumof5,

    I'm sorry to read your post - this must be worrying for you.

    What does your son say about his smoking? Many teenagers start smoking because they are influenced by their friends to do so and feel the need to 'fit in' or 'look cool'.

    Would you say that your son generally has good levels of self-confidence? If not, then this would be an area to help him with because raised confidence levels will give him to ability to say no to smoking and to feel good about himself regardless of what his friends are doing.

    Practical ways to help with this could include widening his friendship groups by offering him more extra-curricular activities to take part in. This would both give him more friends (hopefully some of whom choose not to smoke) and increase his well-being (particularly if the activity was sport-based).

    Does anyone in your family smoke? I only ask because children often copy the behaviour that is modelled to them.

    Have you talked to your son about the long term dangers of smoking? What does he feel about the affect it is having on his health?

    As an immediate concern, you will both need to work together to help him overcome his addiction. He may need to use nicotine-replacement products but you should check this with his doctor as these products are designed for adults. Come up with a plan together. What date will he stop? What will he say to his friends? What can he do when he gets cravings (e.g. chewing gum, using distraction methods). Celebrate little steps together. For example, after one cigar-free day he could choose a special meal for dinner, after a week go on a family day out of his choice etc

    I really hope some of these suggestions are helpful for you and your son.

    Please do post back how you are getting on and let us know if you need any further ideas and how you are both getting on.

    Thinking of you,

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    Hello LJ, Thank you for your reply. I suspect he was influenced by his friends. No one else is smoking in the family. I will talk to him. I'll keep you posted.

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    How are you and your son mumof5?

    I hope communication with your son has got a bit easier.

    Warm wishes,

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