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    Being pregnant at an old age

    Hello! I have a sister who is 40 yrs old but still no child. She's married for 12 yrs now. Is there still hope that she would bear a child? She and her husband undergone to different tests and they are both fine. Please advise on what they should do.

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    Dear mumof5,

    I'm sorry to hear that your sister and her husband are struggling to conceive. My thoughts are with them. It is so hard when you desire to have a baby above all else.

    To clarify, have your sister and her husband had extensive fertility testing? Do you know what tests that had? When were these tests performed?

    How long have they been trying to conceive for. I note that they have been married for 12 years - have they been trying throughout this time? Do they have sex regularly? Does your sister use an ovulation predictor test? It is very important to have sex in the fertile times each month.

    There is a previous post by our midwife Jane here about conceiving as an older mum. Beyond 35 years of age it becomes more difficult to conceive because there are less eggs and less good quality eggs.

    Has your sister experienced any miscarriages or been unable to get pregnant at all?

    What is her and her husband's general health like? A good diet is so important when you are trying for a baby.

    At age 39-40 a couple has around a 50% success rate of falling pregnant in 12 months of trying. This is assuming they have no fertility problems. Does your sister have regular periods?

    In terms of the statistics of conceiving, there is still hope for your sister at this age. However, I would be extremely surprised if the couple do not have fertility problems if they have been trying to conceive for most of their married life. Perhaps they need to see a new fertility doctor?

    Please do reply and let us know some more details so we can help to support your sister with this.

    To summarise, there is hope of conceiving at this age but I would certainly advise that she sees her doctor again soon.

    Warm wishes,

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