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Thread: Pregnant again?

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    Pregnant again?

    Hi, I gave birth last December 27,2014 via CS. He is our first child. I'm exclusively breastfeeding since day 1. I heard that if you breastfeed you don't easily get pregnant. I'm worried because i still don't have my menstruation. To be honest, i am afraid of getting pregnant again. Is it dangerous if ever i get pregnant since my LO is just 8months old and I'm CS. Please help me. Thank you

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    Hello Angellie,

    First of all, it would not be any more dangerous for you to get pregnant now, as compared to a year or two from now. Your healed from the C-Section and there are many doctors and midwives who will do a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) so please know that a natural, vaginal birth is possible with your next baby.

    My first two children are 19 months apart, which means I conceived my second child when my first was just 10 months of age. My sister and I are also 19 months apart, and I have a friend whose first children are 19 months apart. I even had a friend who got pregnant when her first baby was 3 months old - those babies were just 12 months apart.

    But you do bring up a good point. How to know when you're fertile again, so you can avoid pregnancy if you want to. Exclusively breastfeeding is very good, especially if your baby is not interested in solids and you truly are exclusively breastfeeding (giving no solids). It also helps if you are not giving your baby a pacifier/dummy because this means that all of your baby's sucking needs would be met at the breast. The more your bub stimulates the breast, the longer you will likely not ovulate.

    However, the best natural form of birth control is to know how to read your body's signs of fertility. This way, you can actually catch when you are fertile, BEFORE you ovulate, and before you get your first period.

    Here's a post I created that discusses natural birth control by the Natural Family Planning method.

    Please post back with any questions.

    Warm Regards,


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