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    Playing Together

    As a mum I am concerned that she don't play with other kids that she don't know that much. She is trying to observe them but she wants to play alone except if her cousin is with her then they play together. Can someone help me how to act on this?I'm a bit worried about her

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    Dear Gladys,

    I note from your previous post that your daughter is 3 and 8 months. I actually would not be too concerned about this. Lots of 3 year olds enjoy playing by themselves, perhaps near or alongside other children but not always with other children.

    You can draw confidence from the fact that your daughter does play with her cousin. This tells me that perhaps she feels a bit unconfident around children she does not know as well. One way to help her with this is to invite your friends with children (of a fairly similar age) to your house to play. Most children feel more confident when playing in their own, familiar environment.

    Do you go to many playgroups? The more frequently you go to playgroups or on play dates with friends; the more your daughter will get used to being around other children and she will hopefully get more confident with this.

    How are her speech and language skills?

    I would take a gentle approach with your daughter; stay close to her at playgroups and play dates so that she knows that you are there and she can come and sit on your lap if she needs some more reassurance. If you take this approach then your daughter is more likely to gradually build up her confidence and start to interact and play with other children more.

    Please do post back and let me know your thought on all this so that I can continue to support you and offer more ideas if needed.

    Warm wishes,

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    thank you fore the advice maam

    No i haven't been to a play group or play dates. I don't have friends that are of the same age as her. But i will try your advices Maam. It's so nice that you replied about my concerns and question about this.

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    You are most welcome Gladys

    I would certainly advise that you try some playgroups and help your daughter to make friends with some more children her age. You will probably find you make some new friends in the process too!

    Do write back and let us know how you get on.

    Warm wishes,

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