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    I want to build up my daughter's self-confidence

    My child is 3 years old and 8 months now. She loves to sing and dance but when she is surround by other people, She is very shy and she don't want to show her talents to others. Can someone help me how to build up her confidence?

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    This stage is normal for your child. Sooner or later, she can develop her confidence. Just keep on encouraging her on her talents and likes. This is what I had observed to my child too, when she was at this age.

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    I agree with sherryl that 3 years olds can often feel shy when in public and then be anything but at home! I would not be concerned and let your daughter know that it is ok if she doesn't want to sing and dance in front of everyone.

    You may find that if you have just one or two friends/ family members at your home (in the environment that your daughter feels the most confident in) then your daughter will be happy to involve them in her games. However, I would not put pressure on her to do so. Instead, you can laugh and praise her when she does include others in her playing or dancing and not worry about it when she doesn't.

    The more other people (adults and children) your daughter is around the more she will gain confidence with them.

    Does your daughter go to any singing and dancing groups with other children? These can be a fun way to interact socially for young children.

    Warm wishes,

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    My daughter loves the songs, and any music. She is 2 now. I heard her once trying to sing, but that was only once. What should I do to help her to start singing? How can I improove her singing abilities?Or should I let her to learn alone?

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    Dear Jasmin,

    Thank you for your question.

    I feel that child-led learning is always the best type of learning. This type of learning allows for children to learn through their natural desire to explore the world and it does not hinder their creativity. I think you have to have the right environment for learning (with plenty of toys and resources for children to explore) and be there engaging with your child.

    So, in terms specifically of your question, I would provide loads of opportunities for your daughter to sing and make music as well as lots of opportunities for her to listen to different types of music. You could have an 'instrument corner' or 'instrument box' in your house filled with anything that makes noise (both bought and home-made instruments). Sing and dance when you are around your daughter and this will naturally encourage her to do the same. Make shakers together (you can use paper cups or plates filled with dried pasta and decorated with glitter and paints) and talk about the music you will make with them.

    Listening to and singing nursery rhymes together is another great way to engage young children in music. Many libraries and playgroups have a 'song time' for young children. There are also music groups for toddlers which she may enjoy.

    I would not put any pressure on your daughter to perform or to sing on request. Give her tonnes of opportunities to be surrounded by different types of music and the enjoy the music she produces herself together.

    Have fun!

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you. I think I look after a music group, or maybe I can make our group in the future

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    Sounds great Jasmin

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