Hello everyone!

My 25-year old younger sister has been trying to conceive for years now (about 6 years) and still can't get pregnant. I'm not sure if her husband, a healthy man in his mid-50s isn't being honest about it. He has his "medical" reasons (after seeing a doctor) why he can't get her pregnant but he had 3 kids from previous marriages ( they're 15-25 years old). I really don't like to think he's being dishonest but during my pregnancies, when my sister and I ran into those topics, she said he seemed like he was just dodging questions and giving lame excuses. My sister also caught him being unfaithful before and he admitted that he was guilty of it, that is why the trust isn't 100% anymore, although she loves him so much. My sister underwent some tests from two different doctors and they said she's healthy and should have no problem conceiving. I feel bad for her since she's been wanting to have her own kids and she'd cry for joy..and pain the past 2 pregnancies I had. She was happy for me and sorry for herself because she's wondering if it will ever happen to her. I just really want to help her find ways if there are any.. or the right questions to ask her husband about how his tests went and what the next steps to do so that they can have a baby together.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post and for replying.