Hi there, I am a mum of two not really thinking of anymore but in Aug this year well you know how it happens, just before aunt flow arrived I have serious pains not unlike settling pains which I have experienced before, then two days later aunt flow arrived since then my breasts think I am pregnant, veins, sore etc the flow I had in Aug was normal I have had a number of pregnancy tests all negative my brain also is telling me I am i have had a serious amount of fatigue the second monthly flow was smack on time as I usually am but finished on the 4th day which is not normal I am a 7 day woman! I have had blood tests for everything but a hormone blood pregnancy test it is almost like the doctor wont take me serious I would like to rule everything out. What I would like to know is could the sore breasts be caused by something else eg post traumatic stress? Any advice would be lovely also I can feel movement now I know you probably think well yes you are but have any of you mums ever had a movement in your tummy when you just know your not pregnant? I know I have call me crazy its cool ;0) also I cant feel anything above my pubic line yet if I was pregnant I would be 8 weeks from conception coming up for 9 weeks.
If you have read this then Thank You for taking the time it is appreciated.