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    What else could it be?

    Hi there, I am a mum of two not really thinking of anymore but in Aug this year well you know how it happens, just before aunt flow arrived I have serious pains not unlike settling pains which I have experienced before, then two days later aunt flow arrived since then my breasts think I am pregnant, veins, sore etc the flow I had in Aug was normal I have had a number of pregnancy tests all negative my brain also is telling me I am i have had a serious amount of fatigue the second monthly flow was smack on time as I usually am but finished on the 4th day which is not normal I am a 7 day woman! I have had blood tests for everything but a hormone blood pregnancy test it is almost like the doctor wont take me serious I would like to rule everything out. What I would like to know is could the sore breasts be caused by something else eg post traumatic stress? Any advice would be lovely also I can feel movement now I know you probably think well yes you are but have any of you mums ever had a movement in your tummy when you just know your not pregnant? I know I have call me crazy its cool ;0) also I cant feel anything above my pubic line yet if I was pregnant I would be 8 weeks from conception coming up for 9 weeks.
    If you have read this then Thank You for taking the time it is appreciated.

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    Dear Rachael,

    Welcome to our forum and thank you for your question.

    Women will be able to feel a baby moving inside them from around week 18-20 of the pregnancy (occasionally week 16/17 if it is not their first baby). Being 8-9 weeks pregnant would be far to early to feel any baby movements I'm afraid.

    Our menstrual cycles can be affected by stress. This can cause a shorter length cycle than normal or even the cycle to temporarily disappear.

    Home urine tests are extremely accurate and, if the test is performed according to the manufacturer's instructions, they are over 99% accurate.

    It sounds like you may be suffering from stress and tiredness which could cause the symptoms which you mention. Are you eating healthily? Do you exercise frequently? I'm sorry to hear you may be suffering from post traumatic stress. Do you have support/ counselling for this? Post traumatic stress can certainly result in physical symptoms including: tiredness, a change to menstrual cycles and even sore breasts.

    Do not be afraid to ask your doctor for a pregnancy blood test if you still feel you may be pregnant. But, as I have mentioned above, home urine pregnancy tests are extremely reliable. Do you think you may want to try and conceive again?

    Please do post back so we can continue to support you with this.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thanks for your reply, I class myself as a healthy mum before the fatigue I was running 6 miles 3 times a week I am having more tests done this week but I just could not work out the breast pain? Sometimes it is just nice to ask freely and not be worried about the response that will emerge :0) I will let you know how I get on with the tests, hoping all is good. Also have been referred to the breast clinic for a check so that will be reassuring also to find out that all is good there too. Thank you once again for you reply it is much appreciated :0)

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    Yes it is good to get these things checked out even if it is just for reassurance.

    Have you heard of cyclical breast pain? This is breast pain that is experienced when a woman gets her period, usually before the period but it can be after. In most cases the cyclical breast pain goes away after a few months. It is not related to any disease, but it can be annoying and uncomfortable.

    Yes do continue to ask any further questions you have here and let us know how you get on.

    Warm wishes,

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