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    Gentle Parenting

    What is the best way to prevent an immediate pregnancy?
    How do you discipline your children? I have a 5 year old daughter, 2 yr.old son and 8 months bub.
    How to manage attention with them? Since I still have 2 children who needs most of attention.
    What will be the best thing being a mother?

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    Natural Family Planning or any contraceptives can be use to avoid immediate pregnancy especially if you are not ready yet. Implementing disciplinary actions will do to discipline your children's attitude.

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    Being a mother is not a choice, it is a gift and children are blessings given by God.

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    Hi Sherryl,

    I've posted some comments on gentle discipline in reply to your other post here. This contains links to lots of excellent gentle discipline resources. Here, the overall focus is on our relationship with our child. It is about good communication and being tuned into our children's needs and thoughts.

    Do your wear your baby in a sling? I have found babywearing an excellent way to bond and stay close to my baby whilst playing with my toddler. Do your children go to bed at different times? Are you able to spend even just a little one-to-one time with each child each day? Quality, focused time with each child will make them feel loved and valued and be important bonding time for you both.

    Do you have any friends or family who could help you with your 5 year old sometimes?

    I would say that they all need your attention, but in different ways. You may find it helpful to have a loose plan to each day to help you to manage when you can spend more time with each child.

    Do you go to any activities or playgroups with your children? These can be excellent for providing games/ crafts for different age-groups to allow you to move round each of your children and simply enjoy being together.

    Warm wishes to you,

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