This opinion piece is written by Tara Moss(bestselling author and the UNICEF Australia patron of breastfeeding for the Baby Friendly Health Initiative) explores the increasing level of intervention and the demonisation homebirth.

The article quotes:
"More than 30 per cent of mothers now have a caesarean - more than 40 per cent in private hospitals. And caesareans aren't the only procedure on the rise. Obstetricians in NSW have been given strict new guidelines after a record 34 per cent of women having their first baby were induced in 2009 (more than 50 per cent in three hospitals), causing significantly higher numbers of emergency caesareans and other complications. First-time mothers who give birth in hospital here are now more likely to have a medical intervention than not."

Very few women can now enter our hospital system without having intervention in their labour. But worse still is that these women are leaving the system so traumatised that with subsequent pregnancies - they are rejecting all health care (including a homebirth midwife). Free birth is rising as a result.

Melanie Jackson (one of my wonderful midwifery colleagues) is doing her PhD on this very issue. She has written a very eloquent article called Risk is in the Eye of the Beholder and explores this issue at length.

What do you think of the Sydney Morning Herald Article "When push comes to shove, home births don't deserve to be demonised"? What can we do to help women have a positive birth experience given the current climate?