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Thread: got first teeth

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    Unhappy got first teeth

    hi there,
    a month ago I post here about my baby doesn't have teeth at age of 11 months old.Now he is 1yr. old last october 8, fortunately he's having his first teeth .But I have something notice with him,his loosing his appetite in his food sometimes he didn't eat.I'm worried.

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    I'm really pleased to hear that your son has got his first tooth since you last posted. I've been thinking of you.

    When babies are teething they often feel discomfort and may not feel like eating around the time that they are teething. Has your son's loss of appetite coincided with his teething? Bear in mind that teething pains happen before and after the tooth emerges. In fact, some sources state that the main discomfort of teething is in the growing of the new tooth before it breaks through the gum.

    I know in your previous posts you said you were still breastfeeding your son, which is great for his physical, emotional and social development. Are you continuing to breastfeed him? There is no need to stop just because he has teeth. In fact, babies can still get around 90% of their nutrients from the breastmilk alone at this age, provided they have been fed on demand (in the day and night).

    As you know, my youngest son is the same age as yours and I am so pleased that we are breastfeeding because on days when he doesn't seem to really eat any solid food I know he is getting almost all the nutrients he requires from my breastmilk. That's so reassuring.

    Breastfeeding also helps immensely to comfort a teething baby. When teething, many babies will feed more frequently because it helps them to feel better and also because they may not feel like eating much solid food at this time.

    You can give your son cooled cucumber sticks (from the fridge) to chew on to help with his teething pains. Some parents find bickiepegs help to settle their baby. You can also rub a teething gel into their gums such as the baby version of bongela and give infant paracetamol if they are particularly struggling.

    At the moment, my son particularly likes sucking on pieces of steamed chicken as well as chewing on cheese, sucking tomatoes and strawberries and juicing oranges. Lightly steamed vegetables such as broccoli and runner beans are also a hit. Have you tried any of the recipes on the baby led weaning site? There are lots of healthy, fun, easy options here such as: chicken stew with dumplings, lentil cakes and finger food patties.

    If you are still worried that your baby is not eating much (and it goes on longer than the teething period) and, in particular, if he is losing weight then I would see your health visitor or doctor without delay. One point to note is that if your son is still predominantly breastfed then you need to feed him frequently enough to keep up your breastmilk supply. If you do this, then over the second year of life he will gradually reduce his milk intake and increase his solid food intake until he gets around 15% of his nutrients from breastmilk at 2 years of age.

    Please do post back what your feelings are after reading this and let us know how we can support you further with this.

    Warm wishes,

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    hi LJ,
    thank you for nice advice I do giving him steamed chicken and cucumber.And yes I'm still breastfeeding him.Sometimes he feel so discomfort and he throw anything he get.I also didn't know what to do with him or how to calm him.

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    You are welcome.

    Have you tried any specially designed objects to chew on when he is teething? Do you use painkillers or teething gel?

    Do you babywear? A good sling can work absolute wonders in calming and soothing a little one. I would also offer him the breast more often when he is teething; as this will give him further comfort.


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