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    When did you announce your pregnancy?

    Many women consider with excitement when and how to announce their pregnancy to friends and family members. How many weeks pregnant were you when you started to tell your friends and family that you were pregnant?

    There seems to be a lot of advice which tells new parents to wait until they are 12/13 weeks pregnant to announce that they are having a baby. This is largely because of the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester. This is thought to affect around 1 in 5 pregnancies. A miscarriage is a heartbreaking event which leaves parents forever remembering their lost baby.

    Personally speaking, I went through the tragedy of a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. We (myself and my husband) had not told anyone I was pregnant, however, we certainly needed the emotional support of close friends and family following the miscarriage. The first our family knew of the pregnancy was the miscarriage. I wished I had gone with my instinct and told them earlier. I wished I had had their support when I started bleeding, when we went for that early scan.

    Conversely, I was pleased I had not 'told the world' about this pregnancy. I understand the importance of keeping it on the quiet side until the second trimester. With my future pregnancies, I quietly shared my joy early with close family and friends; and publicly announced them in the second trimester. I wanted my close friends and family to know from the start, indeed, they would certainly know if I went through the tragedy of a miscarriage.

    In thinking about this subject further I have also considered the implications at work. Telling employers in early pregnancy means that we can have a risk assessment carried out straight away and that we can hopefully have an understanding attitude for any morning sickness, which is very common in the first trimester. However, we may not feel comfortable with sharing this personal information with an employer so early on; particularly if we haven't told all our friends yet.

    What I feel is important, from our discussions on the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum, is that you follow what you feel is the right decision for you and your family and with your work situation. Consider what support you need (particularly in the first trimester) and how you would feel in the tragic event of a miscarriage if you had already told a friend, family member or colleague you were pregnant.

    I look forward to hearing your views on this.
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