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    Can you hold your child too much?

    After I had my daughter, I was so scared of SIDs, that I constantly held her, to the point where she slept on my chest until she was 2. She still tries to get into bed with me and most of the time I allow her to. Is this a bad thing? Should I be more strict with her staying in her own bed?

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    No I don't think you can hold your child too much. It is a wonderful thing to show your child love through keeping them close to you when they are young. Actually, the research also backs this up and parents who practice attachment parenting are more likely to have children who are sociable and confident as they grow up. If you respond to your daughter with the love, affection and physical closeness that she needs now then I believe that she will be confident to be independent when she is older because she feels grounded in your love.

    There is an excellent article here by Pinky McKay entitled 'Co-sleeping, is it part of bonding?' that I would well recommend you reading.

    Warm wishes,

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