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    Struggling single mommy

    Thank you for all the information on your site!!! It is one of the most comprehensive that I have seen. And I am finding it invaluable!

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    Dear JeeniferA,

    Thank you for your lovely introduction. Welcome to the forum! We are so pleased you are finding it useful.

    I'm sorry to read the title you have chosen of 'struggling single mommy'. Do you have friends/ family who help you? Do you have any baby groups you go to for other single parents? There are a number of excellent charities who work to support single parents, depending on where you live.

    We look forward to helping to support you here on the forum.
    Warm wishes,

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    Dear JeeniferA,

    Hope Everything is well for you and your kid. I'm a single mum too but by kid have mild autism, he was like a 3 child in one But because of the help of the therapy, I was able to understand him better and love him more and more everyday.

    Hope you can share anything here,


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