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    Question Lose Interest with my Husband during my pregnancy

    I'm 7 months pregnant and i think im losing my interest with my husband. I easily get angry when he touches or kisses me.I always found fault about him. Is this part or because of the pregnancy?

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    What you have described is something that some women do feel in pregnancy. As your body is changing, at times uncomfortably so, you can become more easily annoyed with those close to you. Some women do not feel like having sex during pregnancy, others find it more enjoyable than ever. All that matters is that you do what feels best for you. I note from your previous post that your iron levels are currently low; this can make you feel tired and could well be contributing to how you feel. Be nice to yourself; try to eat a healthy, balanced diet and have time to relax each day. Then do what feels right for you on that day.

    I know you also have two young children; it can be hard to fully relax in the evening when our children are sleeping or they may still need us to settle them. Are you able to put aside one evening a week as a 'date night' with your husband where you can spend quality time with each other?

    Best wishes,

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    I see so low iron can actually affect my mood. And i think during this pregnancy I rarely or its only sometimes when i had a quality time with my husband and now that I am nearing to giving birth I get more easily irritated with my husband but im trying to tone down my temper. Its kind of making me realize how bad im treating my husband well i guess i'll invite him on a date. Thanks LJ you made me feel great.

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    I'm so pleased that my reply helped.

    I think you should put yourself and your baby first, and I'm sure your husband would agree It is ok to not want to be physical at this time; just spend time talking and relaxing together and then see what happens. Don't put pressure on yourself.

    Warm wishes,

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