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Thread: How to choose the best birth pool

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    How to choose the best birth pool

    I was wondering what you views are on the different birth pools available. I personally have given birth in the ocean reef pool (basically the kids blow up pool but very suitable for giving birth in). I found it a great size but would have preferred a little more depth of water. As a midwife I have supported women giving birth in pools of all kinds - I have a preference for the Birth Pool in a Box Pool - but it is the most expensive one on the market. What are your views?

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    I like the pools that are specifically made for birth because they are deeper and more comfortable. The walls are stronger, which gives mom a wider range of motion. Also, they tend to come with a custom fitted top that helps to keep the water warm through insulation. However, I know mums who have had positive experiences using a kid's blow up pool.

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