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    How Many Kids do you want to Have?

    I have four kids. They are 6, 4, 2, and 1. I know that for some people that is a lot. I was raised as an only child and my husband was one of four. So we both bring totally different experiences to our family dynamic.

    In all honesty, we planned on having two or three kids. I don't even know that I was a "kid person" before I got pregnant, although I guess a lot of mums aren't! lol! The fourth was a bit of a surprise, to say the least. But really and truly I love being a mum, I love being pregnant- giving birth- everything about it. I think that later in life, not anytime soon, bu maybe in another five or six years, I would like to have another.

    How many kids do you have?

    How many do you want?

    Has it changed?

    Curious to see how other people feel.

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    We have four children. My fourth was also a very big surprise. My son and his older sister are only a year apart, so I did not feel ready for another baby. When he was born, I finally felt like our family was completely. I feel incredibly blessed to have my children. I was once told I may have a hard time having one child, so everyone was surprised that I was able to have four. My views definitely changed, as I never thought I would have four. Yet, we know that four is enough for us and we feel complete as a family now.

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    I was always a baby person. I knew from early on that I wanted to be a wife and mother. In fact I always said I wanted 10 children.

    But my husband didn't want any children for the first 7 years of our marriage, though after we had our first, we ended up with 4 more. But it was really hard for him to make the decision to have "the next one". I always told him that if we had 10 children, he would love them all (to which he agreed). But the responsibility rested heavy on his shoulders which made it hard for him to say "yes" to trying for another.

    I'm 48 now and peri-menopausal so I'm fairly confident there won't be any more babies for us, and I look forward to my grandbabies when the time comes.

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    I have three children. I didn't really plan how many children I wanted. When I had two the decision to have a third came naturally. I didn't however want four children as we'd have to buy a car that could seat that many, we have a small house so no spare bedrooms and I'd never seen myself as a mum of four. However when my third child was born I did seriously consider it for a couple of years but decided instead to focus my energy to midwifery. Every now and then I still wondering if that was the right decision.
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    How do you know that you don't want to have any more children?

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    For me, I don't know that I do not want to have anymore children for sure. If our financial situation changed I believe that I would want another. However, I have heard many people say that they just knew. They reached a certain number and they felt emotionally fulfilled, they just felt that their family had reached completion.

    The reason that we may stop at four has less to do with the emotional and more to do with the practical at this point. However, I also feel that my ability to be there for my children emotionally is becoming stretched at this point. I am sure that it would be different if they were further apart in age, however.

    Anukriti brings up an interesting question, how did other mums know when they were "done"?

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    I have to 2 boys. They 2 and 1, Just a 1 year apart. The younger one was a surprise, we were not ready at all because we want to have at least 3-year difference between our kids. But he was God-given gift and we love him so as we love our elder son.

    We want to have 4 kids but that would depend on our financial status. Nowadays, we should consider things before getting into something like having kids. We need to see to it that we give them the best care and best of everything in every child.

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