I have four kids. They are 6, 4, 2, and 1. I know that for some people that is a lot. I was raised as an only child and my husband was one of four. So we both bring totally different experiences to our family dynamic.

In all honesty, we planned on having two or three kids. I don't even know that I was a "kid person" before I got pregnant, although I guess a lot of mums aren't! lol! The fourth was a bit of a surprise, to say the least. But really and truly I love being a mum, I love being pregnant- giving birth- everything about it. I think that later in life, not anytime soon, bu maybe in another five or six years, I would like to have another.

How many kids do you have?

How many do you want?

Has it changed?

Curious to see how other people feel.