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Thread: light bleed at 9 wks with twins

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    light bleed at 9 wks with twins

    Hi there, if possible I would like some advice on behalf of my wife who is 9 wks pregnant with twins. Yesterday she experienced some loss of brown from her lower area and informed the midwife. They said this was perfectly normal and not to worry. But today she has lost a bit of blood, which is faint red. She said its nothing like a period and there is no pain or cramps but she has put a pad on to monitor the situation. Another call to the midwife and they are going to see her Monday at the hospital. My wife is going out of her mind and so am I because we had a miscarriage at 9 wks last year. Im also working away and cant get back until tomorrow so any advice would be gratful. Thank you in advance

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    Dear ryan.e,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your concern. Bleeding in pregnancy always needs to be checked by a midwife or doctor as it could be a sign of a problem. However, please keep in mind that bleeding can just occur in some pregnancies with no particular explanation. In fact, around 1 in 4 women are thought to experience some sort of bleeding in pregnancy and most of these are not a miscarriage. However, sadly one of the signs of a miscarriage is also bleeding in pregnancy (which I am sure you are aware of after your previous loss which I am so sorry to hear about). An ultrasound scan really needs to be performed to check what is happening.

    Bleeding without cramps is less likely to be a miscarriage (although cramping can unfortunately start as a miscarriage progresses). However, many pregnant women carrying twins do experience some spotting (light bleeding) in the first trimester.

    I see from your post you wrote this on Saturday (sorry I did not see this on this day) and it is now Monday - what did the hospital say?

    You really are in my thoughts and I hope that you had good news.

    Warm wishes,
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    Thinking of you and your wife ryan.e, I hope your midwife appointment gave you good news.

    Warm wishes,

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