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    Grape Juice

    My son hates water. He would rather choke to death on his food than drink it when he eats. We have gotten to where we add just the slightest bit of flavoring (either a water enhancer, or some juice) to his water and he will drink it. Also I have read that if you give your child a cup of pure grape juice everyday, it will keep them from getting tummy bugs (works for adults too!). The acid keeps the virus from attaching to your digestive track. Is one cup of unwatered down grape juice to strong for a one year old? And does anyone have tips for getting him to drink any plain water?


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    I would continue to add fresh juice to his water, he likes flavor and that is perfectly ok.
    I know many adults who don't like plain water and add a lemon or an orange slice to their water for flavor.
    You can add a strawberry or a slice of melon or a few berries a slice of orange or lemon or what ever fruit he likes to his water and see how that goes. Even a tad bit of his favorite fruit juice is great too.

    Grape juice is great for kiddos...sounds like your doing an awesome job...keep up the great work mama!

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