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    Parenting questions from our new member fraulein06

    Here are some questions that were posted by our new member fraulein06. Let's share our experiences and knowledge here and help to support this new mum.

    1) My baby has asthma, does her formula milk affects her condition?
    2) My baby vomits every time we feed her semi-solid foods. What could be the best way to prevent it?
    3) My baby has a sleeping problem during night time. She sleeps every 2am-3am. What is the best way to do to be able to change her sleeping habits?

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    Dear fraulein06,

    1) There are some studies which have indicated breastfeeding helps to reduce the risk of asthma and other studies seem not to have shown this. The evidence about infants with asthma is unclear. You should speak to your health visitor or child's paediatrician about the particular type of formula they are using. I believe that cow's milk based formula is recommended in most cases (although breastmilk is still preferential) but for some children soy formula is recommended.

    2) Please see my latest reply in your other post here Also note that some babies are sick or gag with mushy food because of the 'gag reflex' and many babies get on better with feeding themselves. If she is vomitting properly it could be a food allergy. I would keep a diary of when your daughter seems to vomit and again see your health professional.

    3) Do you mean that she is awake in the night from 2-3am? Or is she up for the day at this time? Does she have a routine? A good bedtime routine can work wonders. Start at around 6pm bathing her and winding down from the day, singing songs or reading a special book together. It can work well to have a very similar routine every day. How often does your daughter nap in the day? What happens when she wakes at night?

    Best wishes,
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